Repairing Signal

For CIU we teamed up with some game students and needed to create audio assets for their games. One of the games was a third-person online multiplayer shooter that also required dialogue as well as sound effects and the soundtrack. The dialogue they needed was for an announcer that spoke during the start of the match and whenever a player picked up a weapon. They gave us a couple of references including Fallout, Smash Bros. and Halo which we decided to try first.


I decided to give it a shot while Jordan and Sam recorded me in the live room next to the Audient. They game developers stressed that they wanted a lot of enthusiasm and force put into the announcers dialogue so I tried my best. The combination of extra breath in my voice, more plosives, a fairly reverberant live room and recording it with a U87 resulted in the recordings sounding pretty airy with some occasional lip smacks. To clean up the recordings we used a de-esser as well as a de-breather and tweaking the settings until they cut out enough of the breath but didn’t negatively affect the pronunciation of the dialogue or cut words off.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 1.51.56 pm

Here is a comparison of before we cleaned the recordings up and after. Keep in mind these are still drafts, we are waiting for feedback to see if this is what the game team wants.




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