LO16 & 19

Planning Project Aesthetic and Establishing a Target Market

To first start the project we had to decide on what type of genre we wanted to aim to recreate. What feeling exact sound we wanted to make- the aesthetic of the music. Having recently listened to bands such as Last Dinosaurs and Japanese Wallpaper we decided to try and recreate that type of indie rock/ slow-core sound that would fit into that genre.

However, before we even started to plan the composition we had to determine how successful the outcome of the project would be in this area (Brisbane) when we release it. To establish if this type of music already had a fanbase we had to examine the music scene in Brisbane, specifically the city and West End. Fortunately we didn’t need to do too much research. On the 28th of August Adib, Jordan and I happened to be in Brisbane city during the album release of Wellness, Last Dinosaurs latest album. We went to Rocking Horse Records to pick the album up and were surprised to see how many people were also there. The store was full of at least 150 people waiting to buy the album and get it signed. Most of the people waiting in line were aged from 15 to around 25 years old. This fanbase was further confirmed due to the indie and local music scene in the suburb of West End.

When it came to planning the composition of the tracks we were constantly coming back to reference tracks such as The Rain by Oh Wonder, Wellness by Last Dinosaurs, Ghosts by Beach Weather and LSD and the Search for God by the band of the same name. All of these references contained the type of aesthetic we were aiming for in one way or another. We wanted the guitars to be reminiscent of the shoe-gaze aesthetic, with guitars washed in reverb and distortion. For the vocals we were thinking of something light and dreamy, again heavily processed with reverb an focusing more on harmonies than actual lyrics. We wanted to have the percussions sort of sitting in the back just barely reenforcing the rest of the elements. As time has gone on we have made a lot of changes and refinements to our tracks which will be shown later on in more blogs.


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